TWO THIRDS of Cantabs have had unprotected sex

The first results from The Tab’s Porn Survey are here.

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Of people who’ve had sex, 67% answered “Yes” when we asked “Have you ever had unprotected sex?”

Every single land economy, education and criminology student who responded to the survey had had unprotected sex. While HSPS students, music students, and mathmos were among the more careful about protection, more than half those students had had unprotected sex.

[infogram id=”1d681d1d-a807-483c-947a-81b73f342067″]

Sexually active students who’ve had unprotected sex, by faculty.

An anonymous student told The Tab “It’s just so easy. For me, I got carried away and caught up in the moment. He was so hot I just didn’t really think through what I was doing and suddenly before I knew it I’d had unprotected sex, which for gay men especially can be really risky.”

We asked Public Health England about the amount of unprotected sex Cantabs are having and they were concerned about STIs. “PHE recommends that those who are sexually active under 25 years old should be screened for chlamydia every year, and on change of sexual partner,” they said, “Alongside regular screening, condom use and education to increase awareness and encourage safer sexual behaviour remain the cornerstones of STI prevention.”

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Sexual health charity FPA’s Chief Executive, Natika H Halil, responded to the results. “There are lots of reasons why young people might have unprotected sex, and it’s really important to highlight where and how they can get support around safer sex when they need it,” she said “If you have had unprotected sex (without a condom), then you could be at risk of an unplanned pregnancy and / or sexually transmitted infections (STIs).”

“FPA has information on finding your local sexual health services if you need help with free testing. We also have support on emergency contraception, with information on what the different options are. It’s important to remember condoms are the only method of contraception which can help prevent STIs being passed on.If you’re not that confident about using them, you can practice when you’re by yourself rather than under pressure in the heat of the moment.”

“We know that after drinking alcohol people are more likely to take risks with their sexual health, so it’s good to be aware of what your limits are and to carry condoms on a night out, just in case.”

More results from The Tab‘s Porn Survey coming soon, including the most porn-obsessed faculty.