CAMBREATHE: Library air being bottled and sold in China

‘Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe with no Cambridge air?’

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Cambridge bottled ‘library air’ is being snapped up and sold to China in a bizarre sales scam.

‘Education Air’ offers bottles of the good stuff from a range of college libraries. Selwyn Library Air is currently on sale at a bargainous £11.66 a bottle if you’re interested (and don’t mind paying the £10.00 shipping fee), whilst UL air is quite frankly a steal at £12.49 a breath.

UL air just tastes of sadness – why on earth sell it?

Complete with college crest (albeit the wrong crest in John’s and Pembroke’s case) why not just take a case off their hands?

When asked how they feel about being exposed to premium air day in, day out, a librarian at one of the aforementioned colleges stated, ‘I can’t imagine this air is particularly desirable. We’ve had the air con running all day’. That’s not cool.

One reviewer said Cambridge air changed their life. For the better or for the worse?

With this evidence, it seems that ‘Education Air’ are in fact selling heavily filtered samples rather than the un-doctored sighs of the intellectual elite. We’re not a fan.

Our advice-don’t be duped by ‘library air’-it’s probably laced with tears of despair anyway.