BREAKING: APOCALYPSE TOWN- Power Cut across Central Cambridge

Sainsburys, Van of Life, Trinity Accommodation and swathes of the town centre are powerless

armageddon Cambridge cambridge students electricity power cut Sainsbury's Trinity Trinity College

More than 150 properties are currently in darkness in Central Cambridge.

The power networks reportedly told colleges that power would be restored by 9.30pm.

Sainsburys, Trinity accommodation between Green and Sidney Street, much of Sidney Street, and parts of Caius including the library are known to have been affected.

Sainsbury’s, shuttered and powerless

Trinity has moved over to its emergency lighting system although it was unclear how long this was likely to last. The Trinity College porters  told students that emergency glow sticks may have to be used.

Trinity in darkness

All shows at Corpus Playroom this evening have been cancelled. Shows at the ADC Theatre are unaffected.

The Van of Life was forced to briefly close but Cantabs can sleep easy in the knowledge it has now reopened.

One Trinity student declared that ‘we’re living in the Middle Ages right now.’

Update:  UK Power Networks have told The Tab’s reporter Jack Benda that most power was restored by 8.40pm, around an hour after the cut, and the rest came back on by 9.15pm. The cut was due to ‘a fault in their underground network’. They would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.