The Tab’s Eggs-cellent Easter playlist

It’s nothing short of egg-ceptional (sorry)

| UPDATED Cambridge Easter Music playlist

With Easter just around the corner, this makes for an egg-stravaganza of poorly egg-secuted (too much?) puns and references. Here are mine in music form.

1- The Stone Roses / I Am The Resurrection

Well, biblically speaking, Jesus resurrected on Easter Sunday. Plus, it’s an incredible song. What a brilliant egg-cuse to have it on repeat all weekend.

2- Hallelujah (club mix) / Happy Mondays

If only they were named the Good Fridays.

3- Jesus Doesn’t Want Me For A Sunbeam / Nirvana

Originally recorded by Scottish alternative band the Vaselines, this song egg-sploded when Nirvana covered it on MTV Unplugged.

4- Egg Cream / Lou Reed

Although the beverage of egg cream contains neither eggs nor cream, it does contain chocolate, so I thought I’d whisk it (get it?).

5- Rabbit Hole / Jamie T

Rabbits. possibly the second most Easter-y animal after chicks. Egg-cellent.

6- Personal Jesus / Depeche Mode

It’s a cracking song and has Jesus in the title AND lyrics. Perf-egg-t.

7- Like a Rolling Stone / Bob Dylan

Attempting to be witty by delving further into the bible and making a reference to when the stone to Jesus’ tomb mysteriously rolled away.

8- The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / The Smiths

Almost there, just sing “The Man With The Thorns In His Crown’ and you’ll be fine. Anyway, Morrissey has a thing with daffodils, which practically screams Easter.

9- Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) / Florence + The Machine

Rabbits again. But Florence even sings “who is the lamb and who is the knife” – two Easter animals in one. Win win.

10- Take Me To Church / Hozier

Pretty self egg-splanatory this one.

11- Sheep / Pink Floyd

All. Ten. Minutes. Of. Sheep. Lambs are probably more Easter-y, but I’m not prepared to put Mary Had a Little Lamb into this playlist.

12- Sheep / The Twang

Another track about sheep thrown in for good measure (or if you don’t have the time/effort to listen to Pink Floyd).

13- Chocolate / The 1975

You know it.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this (first of many) playlist. If not, maybe you’ve learnt how annoyingly common words beginning with ‘ex’ are  with all the egg related puns.

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