REVIEW: Myths and Legends of Ancient Improv

Beng Thye Tan found Myths and Legends of Ancient Improv to be an amazing evening of fast wits, amazing creativity and unsuppressable laughter.

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A breathtaking performance of fast wits and quicker comebacks, the Cambridge Impronauts have struck again, creating another entertaining night steeped in laughter that will keep the crowds coming back for more as every night is an entirely different performance, devised with the audience’s inputs.

Photo Credit: Colin Rothwell

The night began with slips of paper placed on the seats where people are encouraged to invent a god or goddesses and his/ her associated domains. These decisions influenced the show’s development as randomly chosen slips directed the storyline into unpredictable trajectories where the Impronauts exhibited unparalleled creativity and humorous temerity in an attempt to weave an intricate plot about a mysterious world where divine powers reigned supreme and the characters are immersed in a web of intrigue, moral choices and outrageously funny outcomes.

The actors and actresses were garbed in togas, which brought the audience back to the time of ancient Greek mythology, where powerful divine being reigned supreme. Hand-crafted masks simulated the different emotions of the human spirit during the narration of the plot.

Photo Credit: Colin Rothwell

Music was provided by a single keyboard which filled up the small venue pretty nicely and all actors spoke clearly, with not only their words but different emotions being carried by clear vowels and crisp consonants. However, what struck me most about the performance was not the technical aspects of lighting or sound clarity… It was the enthusiasm and energy of these talented young people who genuinely enjoy their craft of improvisation to bring out joy and laughter in the audience. They possess an incredible knack of crafting coherent plots with humor and keen punchlines interspersed with outlandish characters and ludicrous actions.

I strongly recommend this show which may have a side effect of you smiling unconsciously the next day as you remembered the side-bursting antics of the actors the night before.

4/5 stars