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Review: The Hound of the Baskervilles

A frantic, farcical delight.

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Review: Two Man Show

Incendiary, joyous feminist thinking.

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Pink Week Ball 2019: A Review

I promise this isn’t all about free food

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Review: One Man Romance

Whip-smart and disarmingly honest.

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Review: Angry Reacts Only

Lots of German electro references – but does the craft work? 3.5/5

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CAST 2018: The Tempest Review

A whirlwind voyage – 4/5 Stars

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Fringe Review: Spoiler Alert

A tender, funny glimpse into the future

REVIEW: Pearly Gates

It’s time to be judged…

REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing

A fresh take on Shakespeare that definitely paid off


Feminism is for life, not just for Christmas

REVIEW: Spiders

If you see only one show at Cambridge – see this


Dreamy for the most part, hazy in places

REVIEW: Duchess of Malfi

Gorgeous acting, gorgeous colours, everything was beautiful.

REVIEW: Little Shop of Horrors

Weird, Witty, Wacky and utterly Brilliant.


POSH was legendary, smashing, and all the other words its characters use to effusively praise things. In short, it’s a riot.

REVIEW: The Habit of Art

One of the best plays you will see in Cambridge this year

REVIEW: Freshers’ Week Smoker

An excellent night, showcasing the wide range of talent to be found in Cambridge students.

REVIEW: Walnut Sanchez and the Macaroni Saga

JOE PIERI falls over backwards for this ridiculous and hilarious duo

MAY BALL REVIEW: Trinity v John’s

Spoiler alert: Trinity was better*

REVIEW: Butterfly Effect

The flap of this butterfly’s wing doesn’t quite stir up the emotional storm it hopes to, says Jamie P. Robson.