The Week Ahead: CUCFS, Antigone and Calvin Klein

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In the evening – highlight

Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

Saturday 13th February, 18:00, £33

Cambridge Corn Exchange

Free Booze. Jungle. Food. Dancing. Oh, and fashion of course. For this year’s CUCFS – in aid of Cambridge House – the Corn Exchange will be graced with world famous DJs, black-tie laden guests and a range of innovative and well-respected clothes, all contributing to a spectacular night. Silent auctions, goodie bags, Nanna Mexico – and there’s a flash sale on for the last 150 tickets. Get yours discounted here – hurry!




Corpus Playhouse


19:30, 9th-13th Feb;  £7/£6 (Tue £6/£5)

In Roman-ruled ancient Crete, Iphis, having been transformed into a man by the goddess Isis in order to solve the ‘problem’ of her homosexuality the night before her marriage, suffers an identity crisis. Her mother and new wife struggle to understand her depression, which threatens to turn into radical action against her misogynistic father, Isis and society itself.

‘I don’t care if I am an abomination. That woman – that wrong woman – is who I am, and I refuse to be cured.’



Bugsy Malone

19:30, 12th-18th Feb; £9 

Come over to Queens’ College theatre, the Fitzpatrick Hall, to see the amazing cast perform a light-hearted, fun and exciting tale of bungling gang rivalries and ill-fated romance – all set within the context of flashing lights and speakeasy nights in the Big Apple itself – New York!



Selwyn College Chapel

7.30pm, 12th-13th Feb; £6-£7

When her dead brother is decreed a traitor, his body left unburied beyond the city walls, Antigone refuses to accept this most severe of punishments. Defying her uncle, who governs, she dares to say ‘No’. Forging ahead with a funeral, she places personal allegiance before politics, a tenacious act that will trigger a cycle of destruction.

‘Antigone’ is the Selwyn Mighty Players’ Freshers’ play for 2015/6 and will take place in Week 4 of Lent term. With the combination of Anne Carson’s visceral modern translation, and the wonderfully atmospheric and eerie setting of Selwyn’s beautiful Chapel, this promises to be a truly unique and thoroughly engaging piece of theatre.

Debate and Discussion


7:30pm, 11th Feb

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the Union takes a break from the dreariness of Week 5, to ask whether we should really stop working and search for love, or whether we should all just be content to die successful and alone.

Selwyn Jazz will be playing in the bar after this debate.


SPEAKER: Calvin Klein

7.00pm, 12th Feb

As most of you know, Calvin Klein is a fashion designer, best known as the cofounder of the fashion house Calvin Klein Inc. Klein gained a reputation for breaking the mould, most famously through the provocative campaign images featuring Brooke Shields. Klein has won many fashion awards, including the Council of Fashion Designer of the Year Award in 1993 for outstanding design in both womenswear and menswear, the first designer to win both categories in the same year.


The Fitzwilliam

1816: Prints by Turner, Goya and Cornelius

9th Feb-31st July, Gallery 16; Free

A look across Europe at three series of prints by major artists published in 1816, the year of the founding of the Fitzwilliam.

The period was known as ‘The year without a summer’ due to the after-effects of the 1815 volcano eruption in Indonesia. Global cooling, volcanic ash, darkness, crop failures, food riots and spectacular sunsets influenced artists and writers of the time. A variety of responses can be seen here with Goya’s Tauromaquia, books eleven and twelve of Turner’s Liber Studiorum, and Peter Cornelius’s large-scale Illustrations to Goethe’s Faust.


Drama or fashion? Art or debate? Whichever it is, have a cracking week.