Style Stalker – Week 2

For this week’s edition, ANNA WHITE recognizes the best-dressed students dotted around the Sidgwick Site

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After a sober night in Life infused with cynicism and misanthropic people watching, I thought today was the day. My scanning gaze would finally be put to use. I will approach those complete strangers over there. I will in fact have a really pleasant conversation with them. And crucially, I will take their awkwardly raised eyebrows as a severe indictment of my social skills. “I bet the rents will love you featuring in the Tab!” as a pitch simply isn’t good enough, Anna.

Below are some of the absolute gems that caved in to my ‘slow Loris eyes’ (still not sure whether the alleged similarity is a compliment or not).

Nadia, HSPS, Christ’s

Joe, History, Christ’s

So I’ve been thinking over the past week – how can I spin this feature into something that doesn’t just entail generic shit about clothes. Well just for a moment (disclaimer: I soon relapse) you won’t have to read me dressing people in luke-warm adjectives echoing “lovely, gorgeous and nice”. Nadia and Joe here are not only dressed the part but they’re campaigning against Cambridge’s unethical policies on investment in fossil fuel companies. With £5bn worth of endowments surely Cambridge as a world-class institution would be at the forefront of investment in renewable energy. However this shockingly isn’t the case. For more information on Nadia and Joe’s campaign, Divest Cambridge, check this out:


(Left) Miriam, French and German, Medwards

(Right) Izzie, Russian and Spanish, Medwards

Miriam’s high-waisted Mom jeans and yellow rain jacket effortlessly resemble an Urban Outfitters lookbook. Izzie’s blue pendant stands out really beautifully from the rest of her outfit – a fusion of feminity, comfort and style.

James, Medicine, Fitz

James’ bright coral Patagonia jacket gives his look a quirky and daring spin along with the blue Nikes (apologies for the generic label – if you happen to feel so vehemently about their identity, do comment which ones they are).


Tash, Medicine, Caius

You wouldn’t guess it, but Tash’s carefree smile deserves extra credit given the background hooliganism of heckling from her friends. I absolutely love her pinafore dress layered with the stripy polar neck top.


Tasha, English, Catz (left)

Emily, English, Catz (right)

These two were so friendly as I approached them (cheers gals.) I really like Tasha’s colour palette here with the khaki jeans, brown-ish shirt and navy Mac (ballin’ in Burbs). Emily’s rusty red polar neck is well reflected in her bag choice and nicely complements her sheepskin denim jacket.

All of these stylish people were found in the space of about fifteen minutes, which is perhaps symptomatic of our Monday efforts peaking only to unravel in pesto stained sweatshirts four days later.

Taking into account last week’s scores let’s give it up for Caius:

Caius – 5

Catz – 2

Christ’s – 2

Fitz – 1

Medwards – 2

Trinity – 1

Trinity Hall – 1