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Why Cambridge should NOT divest

It will do nothing to stop climate change, but it will mess up the university’s finances

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Divestment, puns and bullshit detectors: CUSU Hustings 2019

We went so you didn’t have to

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Breaking News

Zero Carbon campaigners blockade the BP Institute

In protest against recent divestment scandals

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Being political at the ‘friendly’ college

College’s effort to silence dialogue is suffocating

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Students march against ‘Corporation Cambridge’

‘Divest. Disarm. Decolonise.’

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Cambridge’s top dog investment chiefs resign

What does this mean for a zero carbon future?

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Divestment indecision

After the long wait…the University Council is undecided

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Students rally outside Senate House in last push for divestment

Meanwhile, one man makes a fiery stand against divestment…

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Cambridge implicated in Paradise Papers leak

Many colleges invested millions in offshore funds to avoid paying tax

Zero Carbon Society accuses University of being ‘undemocratic’ after Sidgwick drama

They said the University is being ‘undemocratic’ and of ‘stifling debate’, allegations that the University stringently denies

Cambridge Zero Carbon Society stages FOOTY protest on Senate House lawn

Football and fossil fuels marry in strange demonstration

JCRs unite to oppose Cambridge University’s claim it is EXEMPT from full public scrutiny

JCRs, MCRs and student journalists rally against the University’s attempt to obstruct freedom of information

Black balloons loom over Senate House as anti fossil fuel campaigners strike again

They were protesting Cambridge University’s investments in fossil fuels

Style Stalker – Week 2

For this week’s edition, ANNA WHITE recognizes the best-dressed students dotted around the Sidgwick Site

Porters evict Zero Carbon campaigners from King’s and Clare bridges

They threatened to call the police and called backup from Magdalene.