Ploy vs. Phoebe: Charity shop special

We decided to check how far £20 goes in Cambridge charity shops. SPOILER: Not v far.

charity shop cheap clothes dave fashion lifestyle warm winter clothes

Our aim? To get as much warm, winter-appropriate clothing as possible with £20. And also to look as cool as Dave.

We additionally noted that it would be nice to get clothes we could actually wear outside of this article/the house, i.e. no boiler suit for Phoebe.

We decided to target the Grafton area, where you can find Oxfam, Mind, the British Red Cross and several other charity shops.

In the first shop, Ploy found some oversized trousers which she rocked with her crop top. Sadly, they were a bit too oversized.

“These are sort of culottes”

Phoebe encountered much the same problem with her size 18 burgundy shirt and trousers.

Omg double corduroy so hawt right now

Round 2 saw Ploy in a long, Scooby-Doo reminiscent skirt while Phoebe went in for the furry coat.

“Mixed patterns are so Dave”

What you won’t be able to pick up from the above photo is the hideous “dead dog” smell emanating from the changing room to the right.


We did try on a variety of other clothes (many turtlenecks, several skirts, much jeans) but came home with the following:

Ploy attempted sensibility and warmth with long black layers. Her base was a button-down black dress (£8) with a cashmere jumper (£9.50) and beanie to go on top (£1), totalling £18.50.

In an alternative approach, Phoebe blew all her money on the coat (£15.90) and then yolo’d with a 1930s-style slip (£3.50), totalling £19.40.

So. Who do YOU think won this? Keep in mind that our main aims were:
– to find some warm winter clothing
– to achieve the coolness of Dave