Meet your columnists for Michaelmas 2015

First up against the wall when the revolution comes

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Cambridge, we are proud to present to you the five brave students who’ve put themselves forward to bear their souls once a week.

Laugh with them. Cry when they cry. Indulge their whimsy and implore their cynicism. Prepare some really nasty, personal comments for when you’ve had a bad week and need to unload. Enjoy!


Mondays: Ben Collins, FRESHER COLUMNIST

Hailing from exotic Norf London, Ben Collins – who studies Law at Queens’ and self-describes as “left handed, left wing and left out of touch from all the other columnists because I’m a silly Fresher” – will be sharing his journey through the bemusing, frantic hell that is first term; talking awkward conversations, politics, adidas jumpers and all the other stuff the rest of us have tried very hard to forget about first term.

Tuesdays: Finn McRedmond

Finn McRedmond accidentally wore her dress backwards to Cindies last week and she un-ironically listens to Snow Patrol. Due to her pathological need for attention and external validation she’s decided to take up a Tab column, in which she will probably discuss love, politics and un-ironically listening to Snow Patrol.
Finn’s pastimes include being chronically incompetent, gratuitous swearing and complaining loudly in public.

Wednesday: Patrick Brooks

Patrick was Tab Editor last Michaelmas. He also does plays and films. Some would describe him as laconic.

Thursday: Vica Germanova

Returning to her column from last term, Vica remains confused and infuriated by the thing that is Cambridge and will be bringing some of the biting commentary that’s put Whose University, drinking societies, feminists and bike lights in their place these past few years.

Friday: Louisa Dales

Louisa – a second year historian – loves expensive pears, appropriate mood-lighting, drama and really nice tuppaware; hates rodents and her degree. When asked what she’d like in her bio, she said “You can probably expect self-indulgent reflections on my inability to function on a daily basis”. Take from that what you will.
Please check back on them every week, and play nicely.