Flash dance: The 80s come to Cambridge

Reach for the leg-warmers, safe as fuck.

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Deep in the heart of the Cambridge music scene, something is stirring. With over-sized shoulder pads, garish neons and that weird hair-do from your mum’s wedding photos it can only be one thing: the 80s.

This Sunday October 4th, resident Cambridge floor-filler Cardinal Sound (you’ll know him from Strawberries & Creem) brings Flash FM to our hallowed city. Cardinal Sound decided this summer in a neon-lit haze that Cambridge was lacking in funk, and he was the man to bring it to you.

You can tell he’s cool just by looking at him.

With the tagline of “Dance now or funk off”, Flash FM is a night for the serious groovers out there. Trust when I say that this isn’t going to be the kind of cheesy 80s set you’ll hear at your local Lava Ignite – it will be a non-stop barrage of 80s disco and funk classics.

I’m trying to take people on a journey, and sensible dancing shoes will be required. Flash FM is all about the good time, no sour faces and especially no standing still on the dance floor. Leave your ego at the door and completely let loose.”

If you want to add a little flavour to your rave this freshers week, get on down to Fez for Flash FM. Who knows, it could be the start of your very own dodgy wedding photos. With cheap shots and smooth grooves, anything can happen in Cambridge. Find tickets and stuff on the Facebook.