REVIEW: Trinity May Ball

VICA GERMANOVA is extremely impressed by the biggest party in town

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Expectations were high.

Queue time was even higher. And the highlight of the May Week did not fail to deliver.

How to kill time while queuing? Selfies.

The sheer scale and decadence of all that this night had to offer is still something that leaves me reeling.

Every single detail, from the drinks right up to the fireworks, which were hands down the best and most well-choreographed I have seen including the London Eye NYE displays, exceeded expectations.

With possibly the best soundtrack. Who knew James Bay’s Hold back the River could be so exciting.

I’m still salivating over the lychee martinis which made an appearance after about 2am, and the delicious oysters which did not run out for almost the entire night.

Trinity somehow manages to toe the line between being both the pinnacle of luxury and just a massive and amazing party.

“I was born to be a rockstar”

The sprawling grounds, filled chock-a-block with entertainment, various delectable food venues, endless amounts of every kind of beverage, and beautiful decor meant that everyone’s taste was accommodated to.

You could breeze out of the acoustic summer-pub-vibes tent and end up in the middle of the fairground full of drunken screaming students; wander out of the fancy-pants cheese tasting room full of alumni and right into the raving crowd for Grandmaster Flash.

The crowds of envious spectators on the punts and the sheer, exuberant decadence of absolutely everything did add an element of “what are our lives” snobbery, but it was the kind of night where you just did not give a shit.

When all the men look like James Bond <3

Screw being the best ball of May Week – this was the best night of my life. The only bad thing I can say about it is that the morning depression that it’s all over was a whole new low.


Entertainment: 5/5

Wow factor: 5/5

Food & Drink: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

Beg, borrow, steal, blackmail, threaten, harass, and sleep your way in to grabbing a ticket next year. You will not regret it.