trinity may ball

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NEWS COLUMN: Blind dates to May Ball rates

Read on for your weekly round-up of Cambridge drama

BREAKING: Trinity Mathmo arrives at May Ball in a carriage

No pumpkins here for Cinderella and her Prince.

Taylor Swift anyone? The Tab rounds up April Fools’ Day 2016

Following the scent of April-foolery, The Tab has hunted down all the stories put out by the Cambridge colleges, press and societies in the hopes of deceiving innocent, revision-addled Cantabs.

EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift to headline Trinity May Ball

It turns out she can’t shake off everyone

REVIEW: Trinity May Ball

VICA GERMANOVA is extremely impressed by the biggest party in town

Tab Meets: Dirty Blonde

Coming to a May Ball near you

May Week Blog 2015: Huge Downing headliner announced


Colleges have an iron grip on our wallets

Cough up 

Trinity May Ball 2013

An incredible but not life-changing night, say WILL PITHERS and JOHN BARDSLEY.

Trinity May Ball

SASKIA GOLDMAN is surprised at Trinity’s combination of cheeky fun and sensory opulence.

Trinity May Ball

For LAURA DENNEHY, Trinity May Ball does almost everything right and lives up to its own high standards.

The Vile Voyeur

Wheels of Torturous Fortune?

Trinity May Ball

Read the Tab’s verdicts on Monday’s May Balls at Trinity, Jesus and Clare.