St. John’s May Ball: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG scouts out the best dressed partygoers at Cambridge’s most exclusive ball.

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Isabel: fresher, MML, Pembroke

We love the bold colour and understated elegance of Isabel’s dress, paired with matching lipstick.

Tommy: fresher, Economics, Trinity

Tommy adds originality to the standard black tie with red details and suspenders.

Alexia: fresher, English, Peterhouse

We admire Alexia’s bold (and actually quite practical) choice to wear a jumpsuit – we love the colourful print!

Rupert: 3rd year, Engineer, Corpus

Rupert’s tartan trousers add interest to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

Kat: fresher, MML, Trinity

Kat’s dress looks like a watercolour painting, and the light blue colours are summery and fresh.

Connie: fresher, Classics, St. John’s

Usually red and pink is a combination that doesn’t work, but Connie’s sophisticated dress is refined and elegant – always a fan of a good princess dress.

Raniyah: fresher, English, Trinity

Raniyah’s dress is subtle and understated, but still sophisticated.