Innocent ducklings slaughtered by Cambridge University Boat Club

And everyone is going quackers about it

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An innocent family of ducks out for a morning swim found themselves bombarded on Thursday by mindless university rowers, an onlooker reports.

A rower has complained to the Cambridge University Boat Clubs after claiming she saw two training teams plough into a family of ducks and drown two ducklings.

Pity the Queen doesn’t protect these beauties

Katie Matthews said she shouted to the crews to slow down to avoid the duck and four ducklings but they failed to change course.

Katie, who rows for the Cambridge town club Cambridge ’99, branded the students’ behaviour “absolutely disgusting”.

The ducks will have their revenge

Cambridge University said boat club captains have been briefed “to stress the need for vigilance”.

Careful rowers, any more incidents and you might find yourself hunted by a duck version of Asboy