Lonely Trinity Mathmo wants a date for the ball – but she has to have 1000 Instagram followers

Do you have what it takes?


A Trinity finalist is looking for one lucky lady to accompany him to the May Ball – she just needs to be internet famous.

Third year Adam P. Goucher, 21, is looking for a date to Cambridge’s exclusive black tie bash but applicants must have at least 1000 followers on Instagram.

In return, the gallant mathematician will give his belle of the ball a free dining ticket to Trinity’s May Ball, worth £495 for a pair.

Lovelorn Adam found himself in possession of an extra dining ticket after “the person who originally wanted to go to the May Ball with me later decided against the idea”.

The portrait of an intellectual master and Isaac Newton


Adam’s original post


As for his date’s need for a large internet following, Adam said: “I overestimated the amount of interest in a free Trinity May Ball ticket and deemed it necessary to stipulate this constraint in order to avoid a barrage of requests.

“I fathomed that popularity on Instagram would (positively, even if loosely) correlate with both sartorial aptitude (necessary since I’m wearing white-tie, I wouldn’t want much disparity) and how exciting one’s lifestyle is.”

He added he would “probably wait a few days” to keep applications open, explaining: “(a) more people have a chance to respond; (b) my exams will have finished.”

So far he has received one eligible response.

Responding to how he would sell himself to a potential date, he said: “I wasn’t aware that I needed to.”

So, if any Cinderella-wannabe’s are interested the offer still stands on the Cambridge May Ball Marketplace