David and Victoria Beckham seen punting in Cambridge

It caused quite a splash

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Revision and hearts were today both left a’fluttering as Britain’s most famous ball-punter was seen literally being punted down the river Cam with Posh Spice and their children.

The river was crammed as tourists and students alike spent it like Beckham in order to get a closer look.

Images of the ex-England captain, 40, spending his bank holiday with his family quickly caused ripples on the internet, being picked up in national news outlets like the Daily Mail and The Mirror.

The renowned underwear salesman was spotted by Connor Smith, a student from Bedfordshire out on a day trip, who told Cambridge News: “when the punt operators were coming up to people, they were telling everyone that Beckham’s there.”

But the celebrity’s visit did not play well with impending exams, as Tom Watkins, 3rd Year Historian at Queens’ College, told The Tab:

“I heard that Beckham was punting in Cambridge, immediately abandoned my half read Thomas More source in the History Library and cycled as fast as possible back to Mathematical Bridge.

My pursuit for a selfie with my childhood hero, however, continues. As does my battle with my Thomas More paper.”

That facial hair tho…

Others were left equally flustered. Rachel Bircher, a First Year Art Historian, also from Queens’, said “I couldn’t concentrate on my exams because I knew he was near. I could feel it in my ovaries”.

Student Journalists were also delighted at an opportunity to imitate the National Tabloids and do a bit of celebrity-stalking. Francesca Wood, who went in search of the famous family, told The Tab:

“This is without doubt the apex of my journalistic career: I’ve been waiting all my life to harass a middle-aged couple and their children. I’m going to loiter around to see if I can get a photo up David’s trousers.”

Also on the River was professional footballer-come-commentator Ian Wright, causing some to re-name the 25th of May “The Day of the Overpaid Sportsmen”.