Librarians confused as Johnian leaves chilli beans in library

It’s ‘bean’ getting quite strange…

John's chilli beans Lost property John's St John's College

St John’s library’s lost property collection is getting weirder and weirder, with a 1kg bag of chilli beans recently being added to the display.  

Other items left by students include a spotted tie, several pairs of prescription glasses, a DVD of Pan’s Labyrinth, various t-shirts, a pair of gloves, and an inhaler.

Bored of revision? Make chilli in the library!

A college spokesman added that in the past they’ve “found cough syrup stashed behind books and tinned fish in tomato sauce.

Students tend to live in the library in the run-up to exams and leave quite a few bits and pieces which we try to return”.

Free stuff! Oh wait, I mean lost property…

Similarly, last summer at Newnham librarians found a number of books hollowed out and filled with chocolate bars.

Whichever Johnian’s chilli con carne is now missing a vital ingredient can collect their misplaced beans at the library’s front desk.