Sam Watts

Sam Watts
Cambridge University


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EXCLUSIVE: Churchill JCR to hold referendum on CUSU membership

Churchill undergrads will vote on whether to remain part of Cambridge’s Student Union this Monday 26th October

Cam You Cook? CU-TV release Cambridge’s first cooking show

Student society CU-TV – Cambridge University Television – has just released the first episode of its debut series Cam You Cook online.

Itchy Feet brings best of retro to Cambridge 

Lola Lo’s hosts your favourite music from the past sixty years this Sunday. Free tickets for best dressed retro shoppers at vintage fair.

Tinie Tempah to headline Varsity Trip 2015

Tinie Tempah released as Varsity 2015 headliner

Why Cambridge has the best nightlife

Over the next few weeks as your friends go off to uni your newsfeed will slowly fill up with pictures of them apparently having a much better time than you.

Review: Medwards Garden Party

One of the biggest events of Suicide Sunday didn’t fail to disappoint.

Lonely Trinity Mathmo wants a date for the ball – but she has to have 1000 Instagram followers

Do you have what it takes?

Who has the best college pet?

SAM WATTS uncovers Cambridge’s furry underbelly

New Ice Age hits St Edmund’s as college refuses to turn on heating

Winter is coming to St Edmund’s. In fact, it never left.

We Are Many: why protest is still important

Ceylon Hickman talks about Amir Amirani’s film and why we have to hold governments to account.

Librarians confused as Johnian leaves chilli beans in library

It’s ‘bean’ getting quite strange…

John’s dominates college sport this season 

“They hate us ‘cus they ain’t us” 

Too boozed for burgers? McDonald’s starts to breathalyse us

There goes the 3am chicken nugget run.

Cambridge has more top ten ranked subjects than any other uni in the world

Who cares about rowing when we’re smarter?

Which subject gets the most fails?

Stop moaning. We’re all going to pass.

Pitt Club accepts women for first time in history

Exclusive Cambridge club finally takes Pitt-y on women.

How expensive is your college kitchen?

The girls at Newnham suffer while the oldies at Wolfson pay nothing

Shamefaced “Wristbands” wannabe MP candidate now wants to sue Julian Huppert

The gloves are off

Which subject gets the most firsts?

Either Medicine is hard or they’re just lazy.

Cambridge lose Goat Race for the first time in history

You’ve goat to be joking?

Why you need to see the Varsity Goat Race

Goat > Boat

Varsity Goat Race set to overshadow Boat Race 

Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race? Are you kid-ding me? 

Cambridge trails behind Swansea in Whatuni Student Awards

We are so underrepresented

Solar eclipse over Cambridge this Friday

Taking a selfie with it could damage your eyes

X Factor auditions are coming to Cambridge

They’ve finally realised what a big deal we are