The Pitt Club Website has been hacked

Mummy won’t be pleased

Bullingdon Club Cambridge Cybersecurity elitism hack Hackers pitt club

Baffled Pitt Club poshos will be choking on their roast pheasants as their website is hacked.

Today members of Cambridge’s most infamous private club took a break from shooting defenceless furry animals to find their website,, equally helpless after it was hacked by a group calling themselves BloodSec International.

Instead of pictures of the jolly boys quaffing sherry and abusing the poor, the website displays the hacker’s logo and the statement “Security is an illusion” while “epic” music plays in the background.

The scene of the crime

The individual claiming to have “P4wn3d” the knock-off Bullingdon club goes by the alias “Skw4t3R”.

He or she is being treated as a serious threat to the nation’s cybersecurity and is certainly not a 13 year old who got bored of wanking.