Varsity Goat Race set to overshadow Boat Race 

Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race? Are you kid-ding me? 

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The 6th annual Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race will take place  on 11th April, the same day as some rowing thing that apparently happens every year. 

Although Cambridge has lost the last two Boat Races it is on track to win this year’s prestigious animal race.

The sport of kings.

Hamish the goat is looking to keep up Cambridge’s winning streak for the sixth year in a row.

If he achieves this he will become the first pygmy goat to win the event twice.

Oxford’s Hugo is relatively new to the racing scene, having recently switched from goat triple-jump.

However, weighing in at 30kg Hugo has a 10kg weight advantage over the current champion, which may prove decisive on the day.

Both goats will be looking to beat the course record of 56 seconds.

The steely eyed determination of a champion.

The charity event at Spitalfields Farm in London raised £10,000 last year.

Organiser Lisa said “it’s an incredibly popular event that brings together London’s zanniest people”.

The excitement is already building among students.

Medwards Fresher and goat enthusiast Mini Smith said: “I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for a sporting event in my life, beats that rowing thing any day”

Sorry, what even is this? Why aren’t there any goats?

Students can buy tickets to cheer on their goats on the Oxford Cambridge Goat Race website.

Well worth the money if you want to see a goat-ally awesome race.