Tab Treats: Instagram Omelette

A dish fit for the internet

bums chorizo eggs Instagram omelette peas toast

What do tasty looking dishes and annoying girls have in common?

Yes you guessed it: Instagram. Now you too can join the pseudo-art phenomenon in all of five minutes with this divine looking (and tasting) omelette.

I bet you want to add me on Instagram now.


3 eggs

A healthy chunk of chorizo, sliced and quartered

A handfull of olives, sliced and quartered

2 sundried tomatoes, sliced

A smattering of frozen peas

Fry the chorizo in the pan until crispy (it may need a little added butter). Remove and keep the fat for cooking. Crack the three eggs into a jar and mix around until the yolk and white are inseparable.

Pour in the eggs. As the edge of the egg begins to cook, pull it towards the centre with a fork so as to expose more uncooked egg to the pan.

Do this until almost all of the egg is cooked. Then add the chorizo, olives, tomatoes and peas to one half of the omelette.

Flip the side without the extra goodies onto the other so as to make an eggy sandwich/wrap.

Fry until the egg is cooked and the centre is hot.

Serve with toast, position fork at a jaunty angle, take photo, add appropriate filters and watch the likes roll in as you devour your creation.