Cambridge vs Man U: Live coverage

Liveblog of the Cambridge vs Man Utd game

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Join the Tab Sports team at 7:55 for our live coverage of the 4th round FA Cup Match between Cambridge and Manchester United.

Welcome to the live feed for the highly anticipated match between these two footballing giants (well maybe only one giant). Can Cambridge pull off one of the biggest upsets in FA cup history, or will Manchester United be able come away with the victory. Join us live to find out.



21:57 The replay will now be played up at Old Trafford next month, I hope you will all join me there where hopefully Cambridge can put in another terrific performance and come away with the victory.

21:55 What a match, that is why we watch the Cup. Just remember this all you Peterhouse players when you enter Cuppers in the future, anything can happen.

21:52 Dunn the hero of that last 10 minutes what a display from him, those back to back saves with 2 minutes to go kept them in it. Some of the best saves I have ever seen.

21:50 75 Positions separate them in the league but nothing could separate them tonight. A real display of grit and determination at the end there to battle for that draw.

21:48 DRAW!! What a game! What a result! One of the best games in Cambridge United’s history.

21:47 A free kick here relieves the pressure for a short time. Only 1 minute left the Cambridge players have to be shattered now can they hold on.

21:46 What remarkable saves from Dunn some of the best goal keeping I have ever seen to keep Cambridge in this game.

21:45 90 minutes down only 3 to go. Can they hold on for what would be a remarkable result.

21:43  Another set piece for Cambridge now, this time its wasted but the pressure has lifted a bit now.

21:41 Only 5 minutes to go now, Cambridge have thoroughly deserved a draw here, it would be heartbreaking now if they lost it from here.

21:39 Corner for Cambridge is headed away but they keep coming its looking like anyones game now! Can they steal it at the end.

21:37 A Cambridge United player will win the man of the match! I don’t know about you but I’m voting for Coulson he has been amazing this half

21:35 United have to be nervous now, drawing with 10 minutes to go against a league 2 side this would be an embarrassing result if it stayed like this! If Van Gaal is twitching his ass when he changes formation, one can only imagine what he’s doing now!!

21:33 Unbelievable defending again from Cambridge and they’ve got the ball in United’s half for what feels like the first time all half.

21:30  Chadwick is on, a real fairytale story playing against his former club for his hometown. He’s been battling an injury all week and must be raring to go now hopefully he can add the spark Cambridge need to steal this one.

21:29 Manchester United have to be getting nervous now, could they be seeing their last real change at silverware this season slip away at the Abbey.

21:26 Another brilliant piece of last ditch defending there by Cambridge, this has to be one of the bravest performances anyone has seen for a long time.

21:25 Poor miss from Van Persie there lets Cambridge off the hook, this constant pressure has to tell at some point surely Cambridge can hold out for another 20 minutes.

21:24 The ground is really rocking right now, the crowd has been absolutely incredible tonight.

21:20 The rain is really really falling now! Its going to be a real scrap in these last 25 minutes.

21:16 Falcao goes close near the hour mark, but is denied by a great save from Dunn. Its starting to feel like its only a matter of time.  

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21:11 The game is slowing down now its beginning to look like the only hope for Cambridge now is a goal on the counter attack

21:06 Resilient defending from Cambridge in this half, the defense is under a lot of pressure but Dunn has not be challenged yet this half.

21:04 Cambridge really need to get some time on the ball here, the pressure is really starting to build.

21:02 United have started this half as they ended the last worrying signs for Cambridge

21:00 Here we go, hopefully Cambridge can start this half as well as they started the last.

20:54 You have to think that Manchester United will start to get nervous soon, they were such heavy favorites for this game. Cambridge however have nothing to lose, if this game is close with 10 minutes left they will have to go all out for the win.

20:51 Cambridge only 45 minutes away from one of the biggest upsets in FA cup history. The home crowd really carried the team in that first half, I hope Cambridge can keep the crowd involved during the Second Half.

20:50 Very resilient performance from Cambridge in the First Half, if they can keep their discipline who knows what could happen!

20:44 What a thrilling first half of football! Cambridge will clearly be the happier side going into the break after surviving that last 10 minutes, a great second half in store for us today. Can Cambridge sneak a goal at a set piece in the second half? I certainly hope so.

20:41 Nervous times now for Cambridge a very dangerous free kick at the end of the half. But it goes over the bar again, not long now until the half

20:38 The 75 places between these sides in the league is starting to show now. Hopefully Cambridge can get in level and regroup

20:36 Cambridge seem to be quite content to park the bus here. They’re clearly hoping to get into half time at 0-0.

20:35 A very arial game plan from Cambridge tonight, a game plan many of you third team footballers will be very familiar with.

20:33 Manchester United look a bit all over the place at the moment. I don’t think they were expecting this much resistance from Cambridge tonight.

20:28 Goal mouth scramble there nearly puts cambridge in front. If you took a comp-sci and told him to watch this game he wouldn’t know which team was the Premier League side and which was in League 2

20:25 The crowd tonight is unbelievable if they keep this up they could carry Cambridge to a win tonight.

20:24 KaiKai has been the player of the game so far! He’s giving Manchester all sorts of problems

20:23 What a great start to the game tonight!! Cambridge are looking like the better side so far!!