Nigel Farage to take on Robert Downey Jr

The UKIP leader will be fighting with Downey Jr for students’ attention as he speaks in Cambridge on Friday

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Nigel Farage will be speaking in Cambridge at exactly the same time as Robert Downey Jr.

The outspoken UKIP leader has been invited by Cambridge University to deliver a lecture at Mill Lane Lecture Rooms on Friday the 17th of October, at 6pm.

The A-list Hollywood actor and Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr is also set to begin his talk at the Union at 6pm on Friday.

Everyone’s favourite politician

Farage will be giving a lecture on a so far mysterious topic, and will then be debating with students.

Amy Bretton, 2nd year MML student from Sidney Sussex commented, “Fun fact – apparently Farage means vagina in malay.”

On Facebook, students have been discussing whether to protest the event, “Anyone fancy spending Friday night having a go at him?”

“Can we hold him down and tattoo ‘racist’ on his forehead. I think this would definitely be worth being kicked out/jail time.”

Farage has recently been in the news for making controversial comments about HIV, and for getting the first UKIP MP elected in Clacton.

After the talk he is going to formal at Corpus, although it is unclear who invited him.

A Corpus student commented, “College has been incredibly devious in trying to keep this quiet. Safe to say, it’s not popular.”

Iron Man or racism? Which would you like to see?