Freshers’ Week in a Series of Renaissance Paintings

Want to know what freshers’ will be like? The old masters had it covered.

Art art again bums Cambridge cock joke faulty towers Fez freshers 2014 friends Renaissance Rowing Union

Like any good sitcom, art can be revisited year after year and new conclusions and perspectives drawn.

Scholars have often been quoted as saying Renaissance art is the Faulty Towers or Friends of art, the creme de la creme, the cock joke of cock jokes.

In it you can find references to your life, the Universe and the University of Cambridge freshers’ week 2014.

Below are a hand picked selection of paintings to provide guidance for your first year.

Man escaping Newnham … expectation.

Man escaping Newnham… the reality.

In the aftermath of the first Ent, James goes for a cheeky teabag.

Michael didn’t realise the consequence of missing the consent workshop was beheading.

“OMFG I just saw Stephen Hawking and Mary Beard in the same day”

The Union has resorted to extreme tactics to gain new members.

The feeling after joining the boatclub.

“Let’s go to fez!”

“No, Cindies or we won’t be friends”