Plagues of poisonous snakes and ants sweep Cambridge

Thank your lucky stars term has ended as colleges are now infested with creepy critters.

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Students across Cambridge have been warned to treat venomous adders with “respect” during a week in which ants have also been spotted.

Robinson sent out an email after safety concerns arose following several snake sightings. The email read:

“Dear College Members and Staff,

“There have been several sightings of snakes probably including adders around the wildlife areas of the college… The advice from the Forestry Commission, which is also our recommendation, is to treat adders (and other snakes) with respect and leave them alone.”

Several of the creatures were spotted on the grounds of the college in Grange Road – including venomous adders –close to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

Slithering to supervisions

Slithering to supervisions

Speaking to Cambridge News, Phil Barber, a snake and reptile expert at Shepreth Wildlife Park explained:

“The best thing to do is to just leave them alone. They will keep out of people’s way anyway but it is best to just keep away from them and let them be left alone.

“If you are bitten then you should seek medical advice. Adders’ venom is not dangerous venom and there has never been a fatality from an adder’s bite in the UK but you may be allergic to the venom and should get medical advice.”

According to the NHS, adders are the only venomous snakes found in the wild, although there have been no deaths from an adder bite in Britain for over 20 years.

On the popular Facebook group, ‘Overheard in Cambridge’, one student sarcastically remarked, “You heard. Respect the snakes,” whilst another appealed for outside help, “Somebody call Samuel L. Jackson”.

Additionally, ants have been spotted making themselves comfortable in Wolfson Court, Girton.

Ant Attack

Ant Attack!

One Girton student, who only wished to be known by his rapper name, ‘Big P’, explained:

“I assume that a conference visitor was living in that room. The sign was there for a day or two before it was removed. A number of people asked if it was a prank, but it was not. There seem to be some problems with ants, as evidenced by the fact that there are “ant colony eliminators” in the kitchens and in some other rooms.”

Others appeared unperturbed. One Girton porter, Mr. Martin, wittily dismissed the matter:

“It’s only the Larger Black and Yellow Striped Ant that possess a threat to Students, they stand about 2 and a half foot tall and swarm in their thousands eating their way through an whole academic year in minutes.

“Lucky for you they have not been seen now for some time. Last sighting was of the Head Porter chasing one down main drive armed only with rolled up copy of the bog sheet news and a can of anti ant.”

A University spokesman said: “The University has no comment to make on this issue.”

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