BEST CUMS 2014: Can you identify these orgasms?

Play our interactive game and match the faces of these climaxing students to their orgasmic moans.

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From phwoargasm to snoregasm: Cambridge students sent in their climax snaps and sounds, and we’ve picked the best ones. But whose is whose?

Can you match these Cantabs to their cumshots?

Laurence, reading Classics

Laurence struggles daily with his desires for Miley Cyrus

The Sleepy Rabbit:



Olivia, reading Psychology

Olivia knows by heart the entire oeuvre of Quentin Tarantino

The Strangled Warbler:



Yvonne, reading ASNAC

Yvonne once forgot to feed her hamster and it starved to death

The Tired Rhino:


Erin, reading Maths and Nathaniel, reading Natural Sciences

Erin and Nathaniel share a love of deep shag carpets, stories which contain regicide, and loose jazz

The Surprised Vole:



Richard, reading English

Richard enjoys competitive knitting

The Charging Penguin:



Daphne, reading History

Daphne still believes in Father Christmas

The Cambridge Student:


Max, reading Linguistics

Max is a junior spelling bee champion, and intends to vote UKIP

The Gelded Horse:


Click to play the game and match the orgasm faces to the noises!