Choppa Fuss: #GetLouisToTheWedding

A matter of wife and death: Louis needs your to help him get to the wedding

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A heart-wrenching appeal is taking Cambridge by storm.  ‘Cambridge’s nicest guy’ is in a bit of mess.

Louis McBride, a first-year NatSci, was left ‘devastated’ when he learned he would have to miss his very own sister’s wedding for an exam.

Having negotiated with Uni officials, Louis is now able to take his exam early, leaving just 45 minutes for him to get to the wedding.  In Salisbury.

The only way this is possible is by helicopter costing as much as £5,000.  Cheaper options are available, but will not arrive in time.

Louis plans to be swept away from King’s backs straight after his exam, at 2pm on Saturday 7th May.

Talking to The Tab, King’s Choir Scholar Will Geeson described how Louis’ friends gathered to help: “We were in the bar kicking around ideas for trying to get him to wedding and we came up with a helicopter.  And then he came in.  He was overcome with emotion.  Overwhelmed by the fact that we wanted to help him.”


Even the Union are getting onboard

Friends secretly confessed that they didn’t think this would work and was just a “bit of fun.”  But within less than six hours, the campaign achieved almost £800.

Just #GetLouisToTheWedding ok

Louis explained why this means so much to him.  “My first word was my sister’s name.  She was so upset when she found out [I couldn’t go].  I think she cried.”

“I was so touched that my friends wanted to help.  It would mean the world to me if I could go.”

Louis was meant to be MC for the celebration but the future of the wedding has now been cast into doubt.

We caught up with some of his friends who realised this is a ‘first world problem’.

Donate on Louis’ GoFundMe page here.  If the campaign is not successful or if there is any excess, money raised will go to the East Anglia Air Ambulance.