Why Cambridge needs a proper Freshers’ Week 

No like, a proper one

The Calais Refugee crisis: What can you do to help?

“‘This is no life’ was a constant refrain”

Introducing: the Tab’s new agony uncle

Niyi Adelakun is here to solve all of your Cambridge problems

A really serious guide to getting some really serious work done

Brought to you by someone who’s trying to procrastinate

No Way Out

MARK DANCIGER is impressed by a highly professional freshers play.

A Practical Guide to Helping Friends with Depression

MICHAEL ZACHARIAS lays down some simple and hopefully useful guidelines

How to be a spectacular wingman

ELLIE SLEE is no longer our reluctant virgin. Now she’s our knowing guide.

Choppa Fuss: #GetLouisToTheWedding

A matter of wife and death: Louis needs your to help him get to the wedding

Cripple in Cambridge – Week 3

In Mental Health Week ABBI BROWN takes a break from being our in-house cripple to become our in-house clinical depressive.

Rachel Tookey: Week 8

Unhappy? Need somewhere to vent? In her final column, RACHEL TOOKEY speaks about her own unhappiness in Cambridge and offers a solution…

Talk to Tim about Depression

It’s Mental Health Week and TIM SQUIRRELL wants to get us all talking about depression.

The Tattler

Lost in the dingy confines of Wetherspoons, The Tattler is in need of assistance.

Teenage Angst: Tab Agony Aunt

L and L are on hand to answer all your relationship woes. This week, they deal with a serious case of repeated pant loss and a boy who just wants his girlfriend to say no to modesty.