EDL supporters threaten to brick student housing

Two students have been threatened by a group of EDL supporters as they passed by their accommodation.

alex davis Cambridge edl edl cambridge youths

Three youths, playing loud music and chanting EDL messages, were politely asked to “move on” by two students in the early afternoon on Saturday.

The English Defence League supporters, passing by the student accommodation, responded with abusive language and threatened to “brick” their windows. They later returned and rattled the window of one of students.

One of the victims described the language used as “rude and disgusting”, and that the youths were probably intoxicated. The incident was then reported to the police.

The altercation occurred on a street with accommodation owned by Gonville and Caius College. The College declined to comment when approached by us.

The event occurred in accommodation owned by Caius

Police have advised that there is currently insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges. They however request any individuals who are threatened or harassed by any similar incident to contact the police immediately.

The event is believed to be an isolated incident, particularly as the EDL have never enjoyed widespread support in Cambridge and aren’t the smartest bunch.