Deer-lightful news as victim of stag attack eats solid food again

Dr Kate Stone has eaten solid food for the first time in four months.

alex davis beans Cambridge kate stone recovery soup stag victim

The Cambridge scientist almost died back in December when she was struck by a giant stag.

During the mauling, her trachea and oesophagus were both pierced. The antlers damaged her vocal cords and fractured her neck, in what was described as a ‘one-in-a-million’ incident.

Following the attack, it was feared the academic could have been left paralysed and in need of constant care. Doctors were forced to put her into an induced coma before they operated three times.

But after three operations she has had tubes removed from both her throat and nose – and can finally consume solid food.

Dr Stone will hopefully make a full recovery

Dr. Stone said: “This staggering journey is now almost over and I’ve finally eaten beans which I’ve craved for months.

“I had two bowls of tomato soup, cauliflower curry and a mousse. It took me about two hours to consume this, but I’ve waited three-and-a-half months for it to arrive and it was simply joyous.”

Not just popular with students

She added: “Swallowing is still really hard sometimes, but it’s like riding a bicycle – you’re a bit wobbly at first – but it’s all coming back to me.”

Dr Stone will continue to attend outpatient appointments at hospital in Glasgow but has revealed she plans to move back to Cambridge to continue with her work.