Formal Review – Caius

LOUISE McCARTHY and ANNA REYNOLDS have an odd but pleasant dining experience in Caius

Formal Review – Corpus Christi

LOUISE McCARTHY and ANNA REYNOLDS venture past that ticking clock, for culinary delights in Corpus.

Deer-lightful news as victim of stag attack eats solid food again

Dr Kate Stone has eaten solid food for the first time in four months.

Oxford Students on Buttery Boycott

Magdalen is on strike after the governing body imposes a massive charge on students.

Tab Tries: Working Formal Hall

Soup, Serbia and absolutely no spillages: LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes her passion for the buttery one step further and works a shift as a waitress at formal hall.

Pimp Your Pumpkin

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has been getting bonkers in the gip room again, and with Halloween upon us this can only mean one thing: pumpkin preparation. Leaf tells us how to sculpt your squash and what to do with it afterwards.