Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

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An injured deer stuck in the back gate of one of Corpus Christi’s buildings was put down by the RSPCA on Friday morning. The small muntjac was found trapped between the bars of the gate of Corpus’ Leckhampton accommodation in the early hours of this morning. It was badly injured and in great distress, with wounds on its sides and possible internal injuries, an RSPCA spokesperson has said.

A pocket deer

Neil Taylor, groundskeeper of Corpus Christi college, discovered the animal and, realising there was nothing he could do, phoned the RSPCA. A crowd gathered around the animal, which further upset it. A neighbour commented, “It was screaming. There were people standing around watching it. I think they were agitating it.”

The animal was quickly euthanised, as any attempt to move the deer would have most likely caused more stress, after which it is unlikely it would have survived. Muntjacs are fairly common to Cambridge, and are often seen around college grounds.

“Obviously this one thought it could get through the fence, but got stuck half way and could not get back out,” Mr Taylor said. Muntjacs are listed as an invasive species according to the Wildlife and Countryside Act, which restricts their re-release into the wild.

It can only be hoped that another deer-saster doesn’t befall Cambridge any time soon.