animal rights

SLAUGHTERHOUSE SIMULATOR coming to Sidgwick site

This will probably get a lot of people’s tails in a twist.

Syringe-armed animal rights activists: say NO to Cambridge’s “animal torture lab”

The University is partnering with AstraZeneca over a new cancer lab – and local activists couldn’t be less happy.

Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

Bonkers Bone To Block Bumps

2000 anarchists are due to descend on the May Bumps next month in protest of Mr ASBO’s move.

Tab Interview: Brian May

TABATHA LEGGETT talks to guitar legend turned photography pioneer Brian May about why philosophy and physics are the same.

The Purrfect Protest?

MAX FOREMAN on why animal rights protesters should reconsider their cause.

Animal Activists Go Ape at Downing

The Downing Site was mobbed by a group of Animal Rights protesters last Friday.