SLAUGHTERHOUSE SIMULATOR coming to Sidgwick site

This will probably get a lot of people’s tails in a twist.

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This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed at home, and this little piggy featured in a ‘Slaughterhouse Simulator’ at Sidgwick Site.

Animal Rights activists may cause a stink when they bring a ‘virtual abattoir’ to Cambridge next week, occupying Sidgwick Site on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Will the simulator be a positive challenge, or will be a bit of a pigs ear?

The ‘iAnimal’ experience is designed not to sugar-coat (or honey roast for that matter) the experience of animals in an abattoir. The use of a Virtual Reality Headset will transport people to the slaughterhouse, with a spokesperson confirming they will be using real footage from European abattoirs – so nobody can accuse them of telling porkies.

A spokesperson for the project said “You witness the daily suffering that takes place inside a pig farm. You are right there when they take their last breath.” This comes with the hope that once people understand the reality of a slaughterhouse they will be more considerate of the food they buy. However, will the desired impact be had or are they just hamming it up?

From three little pigs to pork pies – the VR follows the lives from start to finish

This is not the first time that Sidgwick Site has been used for controversial demonstrations. Just earlier this year, a ‘checkpoint’ was created by Pro-Palestine Societies boycotting Middle East Peace Week.

If you are curious about the video experience but can’t make it to Sidgwick to see the Virtual Reality, the iAnimal have it displayed on their website. 

It’s all crackling off now

Is this just a rid-oink-ulous experiment? Or will it give people (vegan) food for thought? Let us know below: