Francesca Ebel

Clare May Ball 2014

HARRY SHUKMAN and FRANCESCA EBEL were delighted by Clare’s magical, primordial adventure.

“Putin is an amiable man” Tab Meets: The Russian Ambassador

FRANCESCA EBEL vs Karamenko: The Interview.

Vice Chancellor confesses “Oxford is better than Cambridge”

In a Q&A session last night, Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor talked politics, finance and mythical creatures.

Crimea and Punishment

One of Cambridge Uni’s most prominent donors, Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, has been arrested in Austria.

Oh Deer! Muntjac Euthanised at Corpus

A deer trapped on Corpus Christi property is put down by the RSPCA.

Women of Cambridge Reclaim the Night

Female students occupy Cambridge to reclaim the streets.

Cambridge Coppers clueless at student ‘spying’ questions

FRANCESCA EBEL and HARRY SHUKMAN question the police on student surveillance.

Two Stars in their Eyes: Science Department up their Game

Two A*s will now be required from students hoping to study a science degree at Cambridge. FRANCESCA EBEL reports.

Stop Stalin and pay them: Kings of the Living Wage

Almost no colleges in Cambridge are paying their workers the living wage. FRANCESCA EBEL reports.

King’s Flag to be Replaced

The Communist flag which hangs in the King’s bar is to be replaced with something less ‘offensive’