Francesca Ebel

I went to church with Pussy Riot

I took Pussy Riot to church and they almost got kicked out…

Tab meets: the journos taking on Vladimir Putin

The Tab met the foreign correspondents invited to debate at the Union. Here’s what they had to say about Putin, kidnapping and flexible, Russian gymnasts.

EXCLUSIVE: Pussy Riot are coming to Cambridge

It’s official: the Union is one hell of a pussy magnet

LIVE BLOG: Robert Downey Jr lands in Cambridge

The Tab are liveblogging the RDJ event. Get in touch to have your say!

Farage backs out

Nigel Farage will not speak at Cambridge this Friday

Clare May Ball 2014

HARRY SHUKMAN and FRANCESCA EBEL were delighted by Clare’s magical, primordial adventure.

Cam babe’s best beach bod

Banging bod and brain fasttrack Miss Cambridgeshire to Miss England final.

Fifty Grades of Dismay

Vomit, hot candle wax and Christian Grey made an unexpected appearance in last week’s Criminal Law paper

“Putin is an amiable man” Tab Meets: The Russian Ambassador

FRANCESCA EBEL vs Karamenko: The Interview.

It’s time for us to speak out

There are people behind recent rape statistics, and you must take their stories seriously, says FRANCESCA EBEL.

Pop Man takes bronze

A Cam FM presenter has won Bronze ‘Speech Personality of the Year’ at the prestigious Radio Academy Awards 2014

Beneath the Skin

We go backstage to understand the enduring importance of Her Naked Skin.

Tsar Union line-up!

Ukrainian and Russian ambassadors go head to head at the Union.

Do you Excel in bed?

SEX SURVEY: Do you like Facebook during sex?

Crimea and Punishment

One of Cambridge Uni’s most prominent donors, Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, has been arrested in Austria.

Vodka-n the Ukrainians do?

The Ukrainian society has withdrawn from the Russian society’s vodka party.

Roof or Dare

Fearless King’s students send authorities through the roof.

Women of Cambridge Reclaim the Night

Female students occupy Cambridge to reclaim the streets.

Gay pride flashmob occupies King’s Parade for Sochi

Students stand up to Putin in kiss-in flashmob

Two Stars in their Eyes: Science Department up their Game

Two A*s will now be required from students hoping to study a science degree at Cambridge. FRANCESCA EBEL reports.

Stop Stalin and pay them: Kings of the Living Wage

Almost no colleges in Cambridge are paying their workers the living wage. FRANCESCA EBEL reports.

Cambridge Union blasted for lack of Women in Lent Line-up

The Cambridge Union have come under fire for having only 1 female speaker in Lent.

International Student Stupefied by Violent Attack

Straining town-gown relations further, police reveal how a Cantab was assaulted on his birthday, for wearing a gown ‘like Harry Potter’.

Francesca Ebel: Week 8

In her final column, FRANCESCA EBEL reflects on her term as a fresher columnist.

Francesca Ebel: Week 7

After a scare that came too close to home, FRANCESCA EBEL tells us why guns have to go.

Francesca Ebel – Week 6

This week, FRANCESCA EBEL conquers her first existential crisis by reminding herself why she loves Russia.

Francesca Ebel: Week 5

Scarily big willies, unrealistic brazilians, and yet somehow still so intriguing…this week FRANCESCA EBEL talks about porn.

Francesca Ebel – Week 4

This week, FRANCESCA EBEL turns to a cause very close to her heart and talks about our rights to activism.

Francesca Ebel: Week 2

This week, FRANCESCA EBEL tells us why she’s proud (and genetically programmed) to be stingy.

Francesca Ebel: Week 1

In her first instalment, resident fresher FRANCESCA EBEL talks about Cambridge expectations.