Two Stars in their Eyes: Science Department up their Game

Two A*s will now be required from students hoping to study a science degree at Cambridge. FRANCESCA EBEL reports.

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BREAKING: Science applicants will now be expected to get A* A* A at A-level.

With the exception of the relatively new Psychology and Behavioural Sciences course, all science subjects will now demand two A*s. For Arts subjects, however, the standard offer still sits at A*AA.



The university believes that the revised offer will give applicants a clearer indication of the “realistic requirements” needed to thrive in Cambridge’s competitive environment.

A spokesman for the university said “This change does not ‘raise the bar’ for applicants.

“On average, 92% of successful Science applicants are already achieving A*A*A or better. The majority of these are from the state sector.

“The average number of A*s attained by successful applicants was nearer 3 than 2.”

Adam Rudrum, a third year Physicist acknowledges the logic in the change.

“I dont think it really matters. It’s an intense course, so it’s not ridiculous. I imagine most people get A*A*A* anyway.”

Sarah Morris, a second year Physicist agrees, calling the past standard “something of a red herring.”

“Anyone who would only get A*AA at A level would have been unlikely to have been made an offer in the first place.”

The department hopes that the reform won’t put students off from applying and remains committed to meeting its targets for fair access.

However, first year medic James Cory Wright remains unconvinced.

“It’ll deter so many applicants who have a low level of confidence or who are at an underachieving school.”

The reform comes to light in the wake of the university’s recent disagreement with the government’s plans to scrap AS Levels by 2015, where it has claimed that these exams are “fundamental to fair admissions.”