Bumps round-up: Wednesday

HENRY PRITCH brings you the round-up from yesterday’s bumps…

bumps caius Cam FM cats First and Third Lent overbump Robinson

Lent bumps has been going two days, and now the Tab and Cam FM can bring you the results from all the boating happening on the River Cam.

 If you have no idea what bumps is, we solved that mystery here last week. For everything you ever needed to know about Bumps, go to bumps.camfm.co.uk.

Much the most interesting division so far has been the men’s M3.

The M3 results look like the product of a diseased mind, but there have been lots of races so far, and they have been the most interesting as well. At the bottom of the division, just above the vertiginous cliff that drops down to M4, Churchill 3 grappled their way out of Sandwich boat status, bumping Corpus 2 into submission. Darwin 2 managed a magnificent rise from 17th boat to 13th, having bumped Corpus 2, and then overbumping Queens, leaving the latter to drop from an original 12th to 16th place.

Robinson 2 successfully overbumped Caius 3, climbing to 11th in the process, and First and Third rowed over, seemingly not at all bothered by the action in front and behind them. Then were close behind the gladiatorial contest of  Churchill 2 and Magdalene 2, who each bumped the other over the two days. It remains to be seen who will prevail in this battle of titanic proportions.

Further up the division, St Cat’s 2nd boat had the immense pleasure of overbumping Peterhouse 2, while St Ed’s 1st boat ascended to the lofty heights of 1st place.

In the M1 division, things have remained relatively uncontroversial, with a large number of teams rowing over. At the head of the division, Caius were unable to maintain their lead, being bumped by Downing. The same fate befell First and Third, who were bumped by Jesus shortly after. This division can be expected to hot up much more as the week goes on.

In the W1 division, there has been more movement, with Clare spectacularly overbumping Pembroke, with Caius made this possible by bumping Newnham. Selwyn remains the Sandwich boat, while Downing and First and Third maintained first and second place, both rowing over.

In the Colleges stakes, therefore, we have Robinson in the lead thus far, with the somewhat unlikely Caius and and slightly more likely Anglia Ruskin languishing with -16.8 and -24 respectively. However, much can and will change in the days to come, as we have more races, particularly from the higher divisions.


For the other divisions’ timings, results, and more news, views and commentary, go to bumps.camfm.co.uk.