WEEK FOUR NEWS ROUNDUP: Cats, Candlelit Vigils, and Caius Piercings

Well, we can’t deny it anymore: we are halfway through term, and still, no one knows what’s going on.

Which Pusheen is your college?

Forget the real college cat. It’s all about the college pusheen

I did not wake up like this

Ploy Kingchatchaval: Week Two

Bumps round-up: Wednesday

HENRY PRITCH brings you the round-up from yesterday’s bumps…

Cat’s out the bag: Cambridge cops reveal ‘Fen Tiger’ sightings

Is there a tiger loose in Cambridge? HARRY SHUKMAN reports.

Naughty New Year

The town’s wildest stories of chaos and debauchery to welcome in 2012 finally surface here on The Tab.

The Future

Dying cats, skipping time, and talking moons come together in new indie flick The Future, reviewed by WILL STINSON.