WEEK FOUR NEWS ROUNDUP: Cats, Candlelit Vigils, and Caius Piercings

Well, we can’t deny it anymore: we are halfway through term, and still, no one knows what’s going on.

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But just for the benefit of letting you pretend you’re more in the know than you are, here’s what you missed last week.

Disillusioned Democracy

The Fitzwilliam College JCR held their hustings last week, an exciting democratic process attended to by exactly zero people. So much for the politically involved youth, huh?

Friendly Felines

I know a lot of the people who read this are doing it for the animal news of Cambridge, so I am pleased to report one student’s post essay crisis experience, wherein they were followed home by a black and white cat. The student told the Tab that the cat “had a quick snuggle on a chair” before leaving. A university guerilla welfare scheme? A spooky Halloween apparition? Whatever it was, this reporter is seething with jealousy.

This cat has officially spent more time at a desk then I have all term

Spooky Soups (And other foods)

St John’s, where we hurl all of our insults, released a special edition of their menu on Halloween, replete with sickening (read: incredible) Halloween themed puns. The dishes included “Ghostinoise potatoes” and “Dracula Ice Scream” (One of the weaker efforts, if I’m honest), and were, I presume, met with a chorus of groans by all Johnians who ate them.

Well I guess now you can’t accuse John’s of lacking a sense of humour?

Homerton Hunger Strike

Because being at Homerton isn’t enough punishment, students were outraged after their buttery’s promise of roast dinner every Sunday was cruelly broken, with some going so far as to suggest a hunger strike until the roast dinner was provided.

Harambe Candlelit Vigil

Dank memers will have noticed the above event advertised on their facebook feeds. Set to occur this Saturday at 20:00, on Jesus Green, this event describes itself as being “for our Lord and saviour Harambe, a moment for reckoning, a moment for bliss. Please attend, as this will make Harambe happy.”

Farewell, sweet prince

PalSoc Candlelit Vigil

The Cambridge University Palestinian Society held a candlelit vigil last week in solidarity with Palestin, outside of the Union, where the Israeli ambassador was said to speak. The event was described as  “a statement of solidarity with the Palestinians as victims of the occupation, who continue to have their basic human rights denied by the government the ambassador represents.” PalSoc encouraged their members who were also Union members to go inside the chamber and “hold [the ambassador] to account.”

Who’s been pierced?

Caius may not have a reputation for vicious acts of political defamation, but their JCR noticeboard says otherwise. Currently the battlefield in a character war, the pictures of the benevolent JCR members have been subjected to humiliation via push pins.

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