I shop at Zara Kids

Kids’ clothes are not just for kids, the fun-sized fashionista explains

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It’s incredibly difficult being short.

I often spend hours shopping only to find the perfect outfit – that happens to be 2 sizes too large. I always long to wear a maxi dress during summer, but end up looking like a child in her mother’s clothes. And I always always manage to be offered children’s discounts in stores and museums.

Someone call the fashion police…

One fateful day, however, as I went through my usual routine of praying I’d find an outfit that fit my 13-year-old body, a saleswoman offered to take me to the children’s section. Of course I was incredibly offended. I mean I knew I was short, but surely I didn’t look that immature. Thoughts started running through my head, initially cursing the saleswoman for her mistake, then feeling incredibly insecure about my height. I considered walking out of the store and vowing to exile myself to online shopping for the rest of my life. Instead, I walked over to the children’s section…That’s when I realised I love shopping at Zara kids.

Here are a few reason why I love being petite:

Cheaper clothes.

That day that I walked into the children’s section was a weight off my shoulders…and my wallet. Of course, I got curious stares from the expectant mothers shopping next to me, wondering if I was shopping for the child I had when I was 16, but it was totally worth it. I found that I was able to buy more clothes for a much cheaper price than if I had shopped at the women’s section. Happy Wallet=Happy Me. That’s right. Take that haters.

Designer clothing for much cheaper prices

There’s a lesser chance of someone having the same outfit as you.

Don’t you hate heading to Wednesday Cindies and finding someone with the exact same dress? Don’t you hate going shopping at Sainsbury’s only to find your fashion double staring at you from across the aisle? I wouldn’t know, because shopping at the kid’s section. Of course, in some rare occasions I bump into a five-year-old in a shopping centre wearing the same dress…but hey, at least it doesn’t happen to me on a night out, right?

Story of my life

You can wear heels without looking like a giant.

While my tall friends often complain that wearing heels make them look awkwardly taller than their dates. I wear heels any  time I want: to lectures…to hall…to nights out…I’ve even mastered the exciting art of navigating through Cambridge’s many cobblestones.

Shouldn’t have worn those heels, Rosie

It’s easy to spruce up clothes that are too big for you.

While it is incredibly difficult to alter an outfit that is too small for you, it’s quite easy to alter something that is too big for you. In fact, oversized t-shirts and tops can be very stylish. I’ve been known to wear shirts that are a few sizes too large as dresses on nights out.

So although I’m often the subject of incredibly high high-fives and midget jokes, I love being petite. After all, I’m not short, I’m fun-sized.