The Tab Meets: Rae Morris

JESS HOYLE has the opportunity to interview the truly remarkable musician Rae Morris.

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It has been a big few years for singer-songwriter Rae Morris; a record deal straight out of college, three EP’s under her belt, playing Burberry sessions and her track Don’t Go closing the final ever episode of Skins. With both a short headline tour in February and a UK tour with Bombay Bicycle Club approaching in March things are really taking off. Currently finishing recording her debut album in Los Angeles, she takes time out of her busy schedule to talk to me about all things music…

Rae Morris; catch her in Cambridge later this term.

Rae Morris; catch her in Cambridge later this term.

Hi there Rae. Whereabouts are you writing from today?

Hello! I’m currently sat having breakfast in my hotel in Los Angeles. But I promise it’s not as fancy as that sounds!

For those readers who are new to you, how would you describe your sound?

I’d say that I’m a singer songwriter primarily; I play piano and build the sound from there. I’m a little obsessed with the combination of organic and synthetic; beautiful raw piano with delicate electronic elements and rhythm.

Who do you count as your influences?

My first port of call for this is Kate Bush. Female singer songwriters in general have had a huge impact on me. Feist, Cat Power, Joanna Newsom; such inspiring ladies both musically and generally

You signed to Atlantic at only 18 years old and have toured with bands such as Noah and the Whale and Tom Odell, what have your highlights been so far?

Playing the Royal Albert Hall with Noah and the Whale was a big deal for me. It was my first time even stepping foot in the building and I don’t remember the gig it was that scary! Mostly just being on the road with such amazing people has been the highlight. I feel like I’ve made some amazing friends in the last couple of years.

Rae Morris – Skin (Official Video)

Tell us a little bit about you new song, Skin. How does it compare to other tracks you have previously released?

Well Skin is the first track that I’ve put out that is from my forthcoming album. The other tracks that people have heard have always been an experiment and on a journey to find something, never quite reaching the destination, so to speak. That’s not to say that I’m not proud of the work from my EP’s and earlier material; every step was so significant and played a fundamental part in finding the sound of the record.

Your debut album is to be released in the summer, how did you find recording it?

Recording the album was more than just a big musical experience. I recorded it out here in America and it was the first time I’d spent a long period of time away from home so I had to grow and learn a lot in a human sense too. Working with Ariel Rechtshaid and his amazing team of musicians and friends was perfect. I feel like being so far from home made me focus only on the music and recording the album that we wanted to make without any outside influence.

You feature on Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album, on their track Luna and you are their main support for their March tour. Have you always been a fan of the band and what are you most looking forward to when touring with them?

Yes I’ve always been a big fan of Bombay. I wasn’t cool enough to know of them right from the very beginning but somewhere along the line, someone I knew introduced me to their music and they’re one of my favourite bands now. I went to a gig of theirs a few years ago at the Manchester Apollo and ended up meeting them. We’ve been friends ever since and I’m so thankful for their support and musical mentoring; it’s nice to feel part of something especially something so creative and inspiring.

Rae Morris – Grow (Official Video)

You play a headline date at The Portland Arms in Cambridge this February, what can we expect from the show? Are you looking forward to it? How important are live shows to you?

I’m so excited for it! I’ve not been gigging as much as I like to recently due to concentrating on getting the album finished so being back on the road will be wonderful. I’ll have a band with me, ready to play the album to everyone! Playing live is my first love. It is how I began and how I intend to go on, so fingers crossed!

Are you planning to play festivals?

I’m really hoping to play some festivals yes! We’ll have to wait and see.

As well as your album release, what else have we to look forward from you for this year?

Hopefully I’ll be coming to as many towns and cities as possible to play for everyone and share my music!


Rae begins her headline tour this February, visiting:

23rd Bath, Chapel Arms

25th Brighton, Komedia Arts

26th Cambridge, Portland Arms

27th London, Lexington