Wolfson bedder found guilty of theft

A bedder has been convicted of stealing money from student rooms in Wolfson.

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Wolfson College bedder Sandra Turska was convicted of theft on Wednesday, after CCTV footage showed her stealing from student accommodation.

Following student complaints that their money was mysteriously vanishing, college authorities planted a hidden camera in a room, revealing 23 year old Turska to be the culprit.

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An employee of Wolfson since 2009, Turska was baited with an envelope containing £60 worth of £10 notes which had been photocopied by the college. Prosecutor Paul Brown described how “It was not too difficult to say who had taken the money and, indeed, when they approached Turska she had five of the £10 notes.”

Initially denying any involvement with the crime until confronted with the film, Turska then claimed to be borrowing the money until January 8, although this deadline had elapsed and the money was still not returned by the time she was interviewed by police.

Veronica Candy, defending, told Cambridge Magistrates’ Court that Turska “is a very young woman in a completely frightening situation.”

She added that, in addition to being fired by Wolfson College and ostracised by her friends, “she is going to struggle to find other employment because the offence involves dishonesty.”

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Turska was sentenced to 80 hours of unpaid community work, and ordered to pay £85 of court costs and £60 in victim costs. Many at Wolfson have expressed their surprise at the news of Turska’s guilt.

“She was so nice and I wouldn’t have suspected her at all,” said a finalist.

“She won’t be cleaning the college any more, but let’s hope she cleans up her act.”