How to get on the right side of your Bedder

Don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bedder.

Vacation storage crackdown after College ‘lost the plot’

Traditionally egalitarian King’s is cracking down hard on students who help friends by storing belongings in their rooms

How to keep a tortoise in college

And not get lynched by an army of angry porters.

Wolfson bedder found guilty of theft

A bedder has been convicted of stealing money from student rooms in Wolfson.

AR U Serious?

In a desperate bid to cover a housing shortage, Anglia Ruskin University has moved freshers into a Travelodge.

The Secret Bedder

What’s it like to be one of the cleaning staff in Cambridge? An anonymous bedder talks tea, tramps and condoms.

Varsity Pets

Friends are always there for you. Especially furry or scaly ones.

Big-Screen Bedders

A film has been released charting the lives of Cambridge bedders and their “vital contribution” to the Uni.

Varsity EmBEDded In PCC Storm

Cambridge’s Feminist Society were outraged by Varsity’s ‘How to … Bed a Bedder’ article, and plan on writing to the Press Complaints Commission.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Two

Soon-to-be Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Sunday: I – P.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates

Another week, another variety of things that really piss us off (and a few that don’t).