Cambridge Cribs? Travellers Move Onto University Development Site

A group of travellers have made Cambridge’s most ambitious development project their latest home.

belinda brooks-gordon Cambridge Cribs Cambridge University huntingdon road leszek borysiewicz madingley road North West Cambridge post grad travellers

Cambridge University’s £1 billion development site in North West Cambridge has been occupied by caravans owned by six travelling families.

Cam Uni chancellor Leszek Borysiewicz will need more than a shovel to dig himself out of this hole

Lib Dem councillor for Castle and ex-Churchillian Belinda Brooks-Gordon said that local residents had been concerned following their arrival. She also expressed her own private worries about the travellers’ safety, especially as young children were involved.

Speaking to Cambridge News, Brooks-Gordon said that “These traveller families have told the county council’s travel enforcement officer that they are passing through.”

The travellers are said to have been at the site for the last few days however, and remained there as of yesterday.

Addressing the issue, a university spokeswoman said that: “The university has served a notice to leave to the occupants who are illegally on private land and we will continue to monitor the situation, following the correct legal procedures.

“We hope the situation can be resolved peacefully and swiftly.”

With student accommodation like this, little wonder the travellers picked uni property elsewhere.

The ongoing 150 hectare extension project is the single most costly development that the university has conducted to date. The site, located between Huntingdon Road and Madingley Road (well outside the bubble), is expected to provide 3,000 homes, 2,000 post-grad student rooms, and one million square feet of academic space upon completion.

The Tab are surprised that anyone, let alone the illegal settlers, would choose to live so far away from Sainsburys.