Queens’ Erect ‘Philosophical’ Bridge for Centenary May Ball

Queens’ May Ball will feature a specially constructed bridge and a whole host of acts, as announced this afternoon.

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For the first time since 1793, a second bridge will join the dark and light sides in Queens’, as the college’s centenary May Ball preparations near completion.

The bridge, far from finished, will be completed in the next couple of days

The bridge, far from finished, will look more impressive in a couple of days’ time

The ‘philosophical’ bridge will straddle the river between Erasmus Lawn and the Grove – and perhaps confirms rumours of a dangerously high budget for the committee of this centenary May Ball.

Main act Bastille, announced on The Tab last term, will perform a unique collaboration with Queens’ college choir and a string section from CUCO.

Not only that, Queens’ have today announced a number of impressive acts that will be taking to the stage throughout the evening.


Beardyman, a London-based beatboxer dubbed “King of Sound and Ruler of Beats” by the BBC, will perform a 90-minute dance show, fully improvised and created entirely from his voice.

The set will be one of his first UK shows to include the Beardytron_5000, a real time music productions system unveiled earlier this year.


At the Ball, the audience will be invited to suggest song titles and genres, from which Beardyman will improvise songs.

The night’s other main musical act will be The Other Tribe, whose style has been compared to that of Klaxons and Friendly Fires.

The band is infamous for its energetic live sets and tribal facepaint – so expect a fully charged performance from the boys from Bristol.

The Queens’ Committee have not held back on the comedy front either, with three impressive comedy acts on display throughout the evening.

The first is silent comedian The Boy with Tape on his Face, who was the best-reviewed act at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe. He has since had a critically acclaimed stint in the West End.

Also performing on the night will be hip-hop comedy duo Abandoman, who won the Musical Comedy Awards in 2010 and have since supported Ed Sheeran on his UK tour. Musical comedian Earl Okin – Paul McCartney’s only ever support act – completes the line-up.

The Tab has also been assured that a secret “special guest” will join the comedy bill. The stand up comedian won’t be announced until the night of the Ball.

What’s more, Cambridge favourites Denim will be performing their only full set of May Week, including a collaboration with a live band.


Recent rumours imply that extensive security measures have been put in place to ensure a smooth running of the event.

Speaking exclusively to The Tab, one anonymous worker described the preparations as “a military operation complete with hit squads and Alsatians” – no really, they’ve got dogs.

Beware of the dog

Beware of the dog

It’s also been suggested the newly constructed bridge is part of the anti break-in plan – and will collapse if intruders attempt to enter the Ball uninvited – though these rumours are, as yet, unconfirmed.

Harry Prance, Queens’ finalist and Tab columnist, told The Tab how impressed he was with how the night is shaping up. “Queens’ are going to all lengths necessary to make this the best Ball in Cambridge.

“The only way another could compete now would be to get Madonna to reenact her seminal Blonde Amibition tour!”

Well, stranger things have happened…