Stephen Fry

Reducing fees won’t solve the Union’s accessibility problem

The Cambridge Union’s reduced membership fee is a step in the right direction, but its accessibility problem lies deeper than this

Union announces price drop in membership

A lifetime membership will now cost £150, down from £199 previously

The Tab meets Emma Thompson

Emma opened up about shagging in the Newnham toilets, ‘wanky’ theatricals and motorbikes

Stephen Fry’s talk at the Union taught me the importance of discussing mental health

Speaking up about our issues is key

The Tab talks to Stephen Fry

‘Trump? There’s never been a more obvious c*nt’

Cambridge Union announces best line-up in decades

Feeling the Bern for soggy bottoms

Arts vs Sciences: Which is the easiest?

Time to settle the question once and for all

QUIZ: Should you join the Union?

Aye or nay?!

Cambridge’s next Vice Chancellor: Our Top Ten

Defo Obama amirite?

Stephen Fry condemns the “self pity” of abuse victims and “infantile” student activism

He said the advances of the Enlightenment are being deliberately pushed back

May Week Blog 2015: Huge Downing headliner announced


UPDATED: Full Lent term card released as Union scrambles to reclaim one of few star speakers

You can stop holding your breath – not that you were

Hello, I’m crazy

Let’s talk about multiple disorders.

Tab Meets: Alan Davies

ANNA WILMOT speaks to legendary funny man, Alan Davies, about QI, Jonathon Creek, and the follow-up to his long-awaited return to stand-up comedy with his show, Little Victories.

Google Maps Leak Piss-Take Mistake

Urine the wrong place! Google erroneously call King’s Lane ‘Piss Alley’ on Google Maps.

Queens’ Erect ‘Philosophical’ Bridge for Centenary May Ball

Queens’ May Ball will feature a specially constructed bridge and a whole host of acts, as announced this afternoon.

House Coming Home

Selwyn have announced that everyone’s favourite grumpy doctor is getting an honorary fellowship.

Start The Carr For Jimmy As Joke Attacked

Ex Caius student and funnyman Jimmy Carr has got people fuming over the internet after he made a joke about smokers getting cancer.

Holly’s Highlights: Week 0

Fancy doing something cultural to balance out your Freshers’ Week binge? Check out Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to what’s on this week.

New Life Breathed Into Corpus

The Corpus Playroom, Cambridge’s most popular small theatre venue, will receive a £100k revamp and switch management over the summer vacation.