Stephen Fry

The Buns Are (Almost) Back In Town

Fitzbillies will reopen this summer, good as ever, with Guardian food writer Tim Hayward and his partner at the helm of the good ship bun.

Union Goes On Demand To Increase Demand

The Union has launched its own online video player, making past videos available for all to see, although initial reaction has been mixed.

The Cambridge Companion To Voting Reform

With only hours until the referendum you’ve all been waiting for, The Tab is here to navigate you across the tempestuous seas of voting reform.

Let Them Eat Cake

Fitzbillies’ closure may soon be coming to an end…

Exclusive: Fry To Debate At Union Next Term

Stephen Fry and Kissy Sell Out will debate the relevance of classical music in one of the highlights of the Union Easter termcard. More names and details inside.

How TV Didn’t Ruin Your Life

TOM MOULE explains why Charlie Brooker is wrong, and TV really hasn’t ruined our lives at all.

“Protests Don’t Work”: Student Provokes Turmoil on TV

A Wolfson student provoked an intense backlash last week after appearing on 10 O’Clock Live claiming “Protests actually don’t work.”

Interview: Vas Annaastasiou

As Gardies turns 50, TABATHA LEGGETT talks to manager VAS ANNAASTASIOU about drunk students, art exhibition plans and aphrodisiacs.

Tab Best Bloke: Winner Announced

The votes have been counted and The Tab can now announce who you awarded the title of Best Bloke to have come out of Cambridge.

Exclusive: Stephen Fry Calls Cambridge Student ‘Ignorant Fucker’

Stephen Fry has berated a Wolfson student on Twitter, before promptly deleting the post.

Tab Confessional: To Drink, or not to Drink?

Are Drinking Societies worth all the hype? Three anonymous Cantabs spill the beans in our Confessional…

Review: Daniel Kitson

TOBY PARKER-REES: ‘Basically, if you like things that are intellectually superior but not by that much, like Charlie Brooker, then have a go on Daniel Kitson’

Why Not Review: Libraries

The Tab recommends where to get down and dirty, with a leaking ink pen and a pile of books.